The Modern Hospital

What our hospital has to say from medical sheet

Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals including qualified and experienced doctors, nursing and support staff are engaged in our mission to deliver healthcare services.


We envision to contribute in the healthcare sector for the well-being and cure of our people by providing the best possible care to every patient through integrated clinical practice, education and research.

This infrastructure is 100 bedded providing, out-patient and in-patient care.

Message From The CEO

A warm welcome to The Modern Hospital! Though not so many years have been passed since the establishment of this institution but it has decades of experience in the shape of its able and renowned faculty members. We have coalesced our utmost skills and reservoir to make sure that all the Staff, Consultants, Healthcare Professionals and all the faculty members at Modern Hospital recruits the best of our provinces’ talent to the health sector in Sindh. To accomplish this mission, we are guided by our Islamic values of integrity and services to the nation, and that is our way we heading on!

I wish you all the best luck in every ground of your life and hope you will find this Website very beneficial and informative.

From: C.E.O

About The Modern Hospital

The Modern Hospital Aims to provide state-of-the-art contemporary medical and surgical facilities. This organization is highly ambitious to provide formidable services to all irrespective of affording and non-affording patients. The hospital is located in the heart of Karachi, Gulshan e Iqbal, Block-7, just opposite to Safari Park.

This infrastructure is 100 bedded, propitious complete prerequisite and provision for it’s out-patient and in-patient care. It is comprised of proficient, skillful and crackerjack staff, under the umbrella of the righteous and virtuous people that are Keen to serve it’s mission and values. Pharmacy and Labs, these two are one of it’s remarkable and staggering parts.

The Modern Hospital has its mission towards it, is completely heading in facilitating people in restoration, cure, and prevention irrespective of their Cast, Culture, Creed, Ethnicity and their status.

The Modern Hospital Departmental Structure

The Modern Hospital is serving with best available medications in form of Departmental Medications. Our Departments are fully equipped with latest machinery and medical equipments.

The Modern Hospital Services

We are adamant that restricting the movement of people into and around the hospital setting are effective clinical and epidemiological strategies that will help protect both the vulnerable patient population and health care providers themselves, who need to stay healthy so that they may care for their patients.

The Modern Hospital Doctors.

Doctors at The Modern Hospital works together to provide high quality, Comprehensive and most advanced treatments known to medicine.