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Breast Cancer Awareness: Key to Early Diagnosis and Effective Treatment

Updated At: 16-March-2022

Breast cancer:

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women in Western countries. In addition to western countries, Pakistan has the highest incidence of breast cancer all over Asia, and about 1 in 9 women is at risk of developing breast cancer in her lifetime. In light of this, October of every year is commemorated as Breast Cancer Awareness month, a campaign that aims to draw everyone’s attention towards early diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer.

The immediate solution to the increasing incidence of Breast cancer is to resolve all misconceptions, as misconceptions can lead to delayed diagnosis and harmful coping strategies. The best way to remove all misconceptions is to create awareness among the general population, which is the primary motive of Breast Cancer Awareness month. If you are critical about your health, stick to this article to better understand the problem mentioned above.

Signs Associated with Breast Cancer

The best way that the doctors have yet told for the prompt diagnosis of breast cancer is self-examination (BSE). BSE helps diagnose the presence of any lump, one of the most common and earliest manifestations of breast cancer. In addition to this, other signs are also indicative of breast cancer. These includes.


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