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World Heart Day 2021: Take Advantage of this Day to Make Your Heart Healthy

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Over 17 million people die from heart ailments worldwide. In addition to the global prevalence of heart diseases, their incidence has also been increasing in Pakistan. In Pakistan, WHO data of 2016 reported that 19 percent of the total deaths nationwide were due to heart diseases. But over the last five years, there has been a whopping rise by 29 percent of total deaths.


History & Goals of World Heart Day.

World Heart Day was inaugurated by World Heart Federation in 2000. Since then, it has been celebrated on every 29th day of September. The primary goal of World heart Day 2021 is to create awareness about cardiovascular diseases and how everyone can play his part to negate the global impact of heart-related diseases and deaths. This day is celebrated worldwide in both government and non-government organizations. Different buildings, monuments, and landmarks go red on this occasion to create awareness about heart diseases.


How Everyone Can Participate in this Global Cause.

It is very challenging for anyone to live with heart disease. Therefore, everyone should participate in celebrating this day by eradicating the risk factors from the community.  Anyone who wants to celebrate this day should be more attentive to his heart health. He can do so in several ways; by involving in physical exercises, quitting smoking, and eating a healthy diet. Apart from that, every responsible citizen of Pakistan should get his blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels routinely monitored. 


Why Creating Awareness about Heart Diseases is so Important?

Luckily, most of the risk factors that can lead to lethal cardiovascular diseases are modifiable. Some of them that are pretty prevalent in our society are lack of exercise, smoking, and unhealthy diet habits. If these risk factors are controlled initially, most people can be saved from developing chronic conditions.


Better Screening can Lead to Early Diagnosis.

About 1 in every five people is at risk of developing heart failure. It is also considered one of the leading causes of hospitalization among patients over 65 years. This high prevalence is due to significant gaps in patients’ cardiac examination, leading to inequities and late diagnosis. Thus doctors should create awareness among people to not overlook the early signs of heart diseases as general signs of aging.


Consult your Heart Problems with Cardiologists in Modern Hospital.

A sigh of relief, various organizations are giving their best efforts to make World Heart Day 2021 fruitful. Most of the doctors are also promoting awareness about cardiovascular health. In this regard, the activities of doctors of Modern Hospital are worth mentioning. Anyone who wants to get his cardiovascular status examined can visit the cardiologists of Modern Hospital during their duty time mentioned below.





Dr. Araj JamilTuesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday8:00 to 10:00 pm
Dr. Zahid RasheedMonday, Wednesday, & Friday6:30 to 7:30 pm

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