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World AIDS Day 2021: Make Everyone Aware of this Social Stigma

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AIDS is an incurable deadly disease that is associated with decreased immunity. HIV causes it. HIV infects the white blood cells, an essential component of the immune system.

In Pakistan, the overall prevalence of AIDS is relatively low, only about 0-1%. But there has been a drastic rise in the number of cases during the last few years. About 20000 patients have been registered under the national AIDS control program since 2013. This high prevalence is because of the increased transmission among injecting drug users. In urban areas, there is a 21% prevalence among injecting drug users.

To stop this drastic rise, World AIDS Day 2021 is commemorating on 1st December 2021. The primary goal of World AIDS Day is based on three pillars.


Halt the Spread of HIV

World AIDS Day focuses on creating awareness among the general population. Organizations on the community and individual level are participating in this national cause. The only way to halt the nationwide spread of disease is to prevent it, as no treatment of AIDS is known at present.


Make Resources Available for Everyone

The government must provide primary health facilities to patients with AIDS. In addition to this, screening is required for early diagnosis and prompt treatment of the suspected individuals.


Convey Awareness Message to Everyone on World AIDS Day 2021

Integrated disease management is the only way to stop the progression of the disease. In this approach, everyone is aware of the causative factors, transmission mode, and possible illness outcomes. And then everyone is encouraged to take necessary actions on their behalf.

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