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Get Best Aesthetic Treatments for Your Aging Skin in Karachi

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Aesthetic treatments are a broad category of non-surgical procedures developed to make your skin shine and glow. These treatments are acknowledged among the general population because of their role in removing acne marks and signs of ageing from the facial skin. To make everyone more youthful, Modern Hospital in Karachi is also offering some of these treatments discussed here.


HydraFacial: Get Best Skin of Your Life.

HydraFacial is one of the most popular facial treatments, and it is estimated to be carried out every 15 seconds all over the globe. As the name indicates, hydra-facial is used to hydrate the facial skin to maintain its contours, tone and texture. It is a minor procedure involving only four steps: cleansing, exfoliating (removing dead skin layers), extracting the debris, and hydrating facial skin pores.

Current clinical data does not support any evidence related to the benefits of hydra-facial in removing acne. But according to a small study, this technique showed satisfactory findings in eliminating blackheads and delaying the signs of ageing by decreasing the pore size and pigmentation of the skin.


PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma.

In the PRP technique, a plasma portion of the blood is injected into the skin that promotes healing and cellular growth. It is because of the presence of several growth factors that are present in plasma. PRP is used for better development of facial skin and to combat alopecia (hair-fall).


PRP Hair Treatment.

Hair loss can be of significant impact on anyone’s self-confidence. Thus for decades, PRP has been used to reduce and reverse hair loss. It is a simple three-step non-surgical method that involves removing the platelet-rich plasma from your blood and injected into your scalp to promote the natural growth of your scalp hairs by fostering the growth of hair follicles.


PRP: Facial Treatment.

Facial PRP is a rejuvenation procedure that uses platelet-rich plasma to promote collagen protein growth in facial skin. It results in the removal of facial lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and stretch marks. Thus anyone who wants healthy skin should get this treatment once a year.


Laser Hair Removal.

Anyone not interested in regular shaving, waxing and tweezing of unwanted hair can get rid of them by laser technique. This technique uses a high beam laser to destroy the hair follicles to inhibit the growth of new hairs permanently. This procedure’s high precision and speed make it one of the most commonly used cosmetic procedures worldwide.


Get Consultation from Best Dermatologists in Modern Hospital, Karachi.

The Modern Hospital is offering advanced aesthetic treatments for both male/female customers at reasonable prices. Moreover, the best dermatologists are offering their services at their duty timings mentioned below.





Dr. HafsaMonday to Saturday9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Dr. AfzaFriday5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Dr. AtharMonday To Saturday7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

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